Energy Recovery Facility FLUID S.A.

Activities in the field of biomass carbonization have been carried out by the Company since 2005. During this time, thanks to the efforts of many people, the technology of autothermal biomass valorization, unique on a global scale, was developed. The effect of implementation of this technology is the Energy Recovery Facility which in a continuous mode produces “green energy” and biochar FLUID brand.

Our aim is the dissemination of ecological technologies in the energy and heating sectors and promotion of biochar, which, considering its properties, is an excellent ecological fuel, an improver for soils, as well as addition to plaster or compost.


The purpose of the Fluid – Kooperacja Sp. z o.o. company, which has been contributed to FLUID S.A., was the implementation of innovative, on the Polish and global market, technology for biochar production. After a few years of research, the Company has become the sole owner of all rights to the invention “Method and apparatus for valorization of solid waste fuels and biomass, especially for the clean production of electricity and heat”. In research on the FLUID S.A. patent were involved scientific units: Częstochowa University of Technology, Research and Development Center of Energy in Katowice, Central Mining Institute in Katowice, Gdańsk University of Technology and Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze.

As a result of the development work carried out in the firm in April 2010, the process of industrial implementation of the prototype of the Thermolysis Energy Recovery Module from biomass (TMOE) was completed. TMOE technology is based on the use of solid by-fuels and biomass for the production of ecological fuel – energy-enriched biochar FLUID brand. Further development of the Company resulted in the construction and commissioning in 2017 of the world’s first Energy Recovery Facility equipped with modern, four-reactor installation of biomass valorization. The innovative potential of the biochar FLUID brand is primarily ecological purity, high energy density, very good milling properties as well as automation and production continuity – 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The innovative potential of the biochar FLUID brand is not only a renewable fuel for the power industry with high CO2 reduction potential, but also a fertilizer for agriculture with long decomposition cycle and in the near future it may also be a fuel for carbon cells.




Historical Event


Reactivation of the Fluid  Cooperation Ltd. company and share capital increase by PLN 49.000,00 by creation of 490 new shares for PLN 100,00 each, which were acquired by new shareholders.


Fluid Cooperation Ltd. share capital increase by PLN 25.000,00 by the creation of 250 new shares at PLN 100.00 each, covered by contribution in kind of the real estate


Fluid Cooperation Ltd. shares capital  increase by PLN 25.000,00 by the creation of 250 new shares at  PLN 100,00 each covered in exchange for contribution in kind of all rights to the invention "Method and apparatus for valorization of solid waste and biomass fuels, especially for the clean production of electric energy and thermal energy.”


Fluid Cooperation Ltd. share capital increase by PLN 50.000,00 by the creation of 500 new shares at PLN 100,00 each, fully paid in cash; conclusion of Investment Agreement providing further work financing on the technology of Company


Beginning of the research on the biomass carbonization


Qualification for the comprehensive development project the GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator


Energy Recovery Facility commissioning and biocarbon FLUID brand production


Produced biocarbon FLUID brand receives a special prize of the Economy Ministry „eCO2 innovation” in a competition run by PARP: Polish Product of the Future 2010


The victory in the competition Clean Business organized by the Environment Partnership Foundation in the category „Innovative Process”


Appointment a Fluid Joint Stock company


The title of „Innovative Product” in III Edition of Competition „National Leaders of Innovation and Development – 2010”


Registration of Fluid Joint Stock company in KRS (National Court Register)


General Meeting of the Shareholders adopts a resolution of the share capital increase through the issue of the series C shares


The entrance of the Fluid S.A. company on the NewConnect stock exchange


Reservation by the Patent Office the word and figurative trademark - FLUID


Issue a decision on environmental conditions for a project implementation involving the construction of Energy Recovery Facility in Sędziszów


Reception by FLUID S.A. company the certificate for renewable fuel, fulfilling the guidelines of European Union and European Parliament dated 23rd April 2009, issued by SGS FRESENIUS INSTITUTE with a headquarter in Berlin


The ceremony of laying the foundation stone under the Energy Recovery Facility in Sędziszów and 20th anniversary of FLUID company


The title “Leader of Małopolskie Voivodeship” for the best project in Małopolskie Voivodeship


The opinion from AGH – University of Science and Technology in Krakow for biocarbon FLUID brand in terms of compliance with Directive of European Parliament and European Council 2009/28/WE dated 23rd April 2009 and requirements of the Energy Regulatory Office in this scope


The opinion from IUNG – Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation, State Research Institute in Puławy – declaring the usefulness of biocarbon FLUID brand as a soil fertilizer in agriculture


Signing the contract with PAN – Institute of Agrophisics of Polish Academy of Science in Lublin about the cooperation in scope of research including the impact of biocarbon on physical soil properties


Signing the contract between FLUID S.A. company and Spin Holding Ltd. company in scope of biocarbon FLUID brand (pellet) sales


Approval by Patent Office in Warsaw a patent application no P404683 under the name “The method of biomass conversion into renewable fuel and device of biomass conversion into renewable fuel”


Registration in the Patent Office in Warsaw a patent application no P405450 under the name “Fluid furnace for in particular renewable fuel combustion


Submission by FRI, FLUID and Ekopar the necessary documentation to issue a building permit on the Seram Island an Energy Recovery Facility construction with power 6MWelect. Plot selection was made, on which will be build an ERF.


Selection of two contractors of the building “Innovative of the global scale the technological installation of biocarbo production”: Ekopar Ltd. company and Energika company


Submission of the application to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Operational Program -  Innovative Economy, 1.4 activity, under the name “Innovative system for distributed processing of renewable energy”. The requested grant amount is almost PLN 3.000.000,00 (three million) of polish zloty.


Creation in FLUID S.A. company a R&D Department


Award “Market leader of Innovation 2014 year – Quality, Creativity, Efficiency


The title “Diamond of the Region” – award granted under the patronage Świętokrzykie Voivodeship Marshal


Obtaining the financial support in the amount PLN 3.000.000,00 from the NCBiR for a project under the name: “Innovative system for distributed conversion of renewable energy”


Obtaining a Golden Emblem in the category QI Product in the competition Quality International 2014 for the highest quality the FLUID carbonization technology of all kind of plant biomass and biomass residues.


Conclusion with POSTEOR Poznań Ltd. company  an cooperation agreement in the implementation of  project under the name: “Innovative on a global scale technology of fertilizers production based on biocarbon”. 


The nomination of Board President of FLUID S.A. company – Mr. Jan Gładki to the fourth edition of  Polish Business Council Competition the name of Jan Wejchert in category: Vision and innovation  


Conclusion with BUSINESS & TRUST a framework agreement for the sale of biomass (in the amount of 20 000 MT annually) and sale and purchase of biochar (16 000 tons per year), as well as the conclusion with Fortis Logistics Sp. z o.o. sp. k. a contract for the sale of biomass (30 000 MT)


Honoring Fluid S.A. by the POLISH INNOVATION PRIZE 2015 award at the Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship in Łódź


Award “Leader of the Region 2016” in the Ecology category


Conclusion with the Polish law entity a contract for the provision of economic consultancy and investment agreement, the subject of which are advisory activities in connection with the private placement of corporate bonds by the Issuer for a total amount up to PLN 15 000 000. The effect of the signed contract, as well as the activities taken to stabilize the situation and complete the construction of the plant, was obtaining funds in the form of issued corporate bonds which secured the financing of the investment


Completion of the construction of the Energy Recovery Facility and starting the Plant start-up process. At the same time as the construction of the plant was completed, the procedure for obtaining the required permits for the use of real estate was begun


Appointment of the Management Board FLUID SA member – Łukasz Pietrzkiewicz – to the position of the Vice President of the Management Board


In the period from January to February, the Plant obtained all required permits to use the Energy Recovery Facility


On 25 January, with the participation of invited people with particular consideration of shareholders and local and provincial authorities, official opening ceremony of the Energy Recovery Facility took place


In the first quarter of 2017, the Plant started the production of the first batch of biochar based on the operation of the new technological line. The wide application of the produced biochar has indicated new applications in many branches of the economy. Thus, after the reported needs of one of the most important biochar recipients, the process of modernization of the technological line aimed at increasing the content od element C in the final product was started. As a result of the changes, a product with content of bound element C at the level of 90% was obtained


Conclusion of the contract with Biowęgiel Dystrybucja Sp. z o.o.


Obtaining the Protection Right No. 69329 for utility model titled “Fluidized bed furnace for the combustion of, in particular, renewable fuel”


The economic award “Skrzydła 2017” for the production and promotion of biochar FLUID brand


Obtaining a patent for the invention No. 227338 titled “Method of biomass conversion into renewable fuel and apparatus for biomass conversion into renewable fuel