The Supervisory Board

According to the § 16 of the Articles of Association, the Supervisory Board consists of at least 5 (five) and not more than 6 (six) members, including the Chairman.

The members of Supervisory Board are appointed and dismissed by the General Meeting, wherein, election of the first composition of the Supervisory Board had been made by the founder of the Company, i.e. FLUID-Cooperation Limited Liability Company based in Sędziszów.

The common term of the Supervisory Board Members expires on 13th January 2018.

The Company has not appointed a proxy.

  • Krzysztof Stanik

    Supervisory Board Member

    Graduate University of Technology (now Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities) in Radom at the Faculty of Economics. Since 1994 stock market investor. Since 1998 he has run his own business. Since 2011 shareholder of the company FLUID S.A. Since 2013 a Member of the Supervisory Board of the company ORZEŁ S.A.
  • Elżbieta Gładka

    Supervisory Board Member

    Chemistry Technician, export specialist, now retired.
  • Krzysztof Malec

    Supervisory Board Member

    Graduate of School of Economics and Administration (now Professor Edward Lipinski School of Economics, Law and Medical Sciences) in Kielce at the Faculty of Economics. Completed faculties are Economic Policy and Corporate Strategy and Economic IT. In 1999-2000 he worked in McDonald's Polska Sp. z.o.o. as Assistant Manager. Since 2003 he is an employee at the Municipal Office of Sędziszów as IT specialist. Since 2004 he co-creates local monthly journal of Sędziszów. Since 2006 he has been working at the Department of Sędziszów’s Minicipal Sanitation Services.
  • Łukasz Różycki

    Supervisory Board Member

    Graduate of the University of Silesia, Faculty of Law (2008). In 2004-2005 he worked in Tohoe Wimar Corporation (USA) and in 2007-2008 National in Property Services (Iralnd). He is a co-owner of P.P.H.U. company “Success”. Proficient in English language and communicative in Norwegian.