Strategic plans

In order to increase production capacity the company began to invest in the new Energy Recovery Facility from the biomass plant, in which it will be possible inter alia FLUID fuel production in the amount of 2 tons per hour.

Commissioning of new plant in Sędziszów is planned for the first quarter of 2016. Facility will be producing in poliproduction: 2 ton/h biocarbon brand FLUID + 0.4 MW of green electric energy and 1.0 MW of renewable heat.
This will be repeated architecturally and technologically Energy Recovery Facilities from local biomass, built in different parts of the country and the world.

Offered by the Company Energy Recovery Facilities (ERF) will be built in the so-called regional power sockets of local biomass processing at the place its inception and storage. Create power sockets aims at giving significant transport savings because ERFs will have a performance to utilize biomass from local resources.

The company wanting to sign a long-term contract with the electricity conglomerate needs large amounts of biocarbon. For this purpose it is necessary to start production in several plants. The company is currently building a plant in Sedziszow, while other plants are formed in parallel in the country and the world. The company is negotiating a to build ERF in Indonesia and other parts of Asia.

Places of the ERFs location in Poland are already pre-typed. One of the main problems associated with such an investment is too small amount of raw material for the production of biocarbon. Therefore, with the construction of ERF investor is considering financial support for farmers growing energy crops, and the purchase or lease of the land on which will be created energy plantations.

According to data for 2020 should be created about 80 new ERFs to protect potential demand from the Polish market.


New the company's strategy is based on:

1. Work with companies that are investors in the FLUID S.A. company and are working in foreign markets - export of technology (work closely with FRI Sp.).

2. The development of technology in the directions:

  • Solid renewable fuels for power (close cooperation with the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw and Power Plants).
  • black pellets - FLUID brand smokeless fuel - to households, grilling, and ecological burning in domestic furnaces (close cooperation with Spin Holding Sp. z oo, Warsaw).
  • fertilizers and soil improvers  FLUID brand (close cooperation with the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation and of Agrophysics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Lublin).

3. The sale of Plant Production and Energy Recovery according to Fluid technology, external investors in Poland and abroad Polish.